Roe and Moore
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Anthony Roe and Deana Moore specialise in original prints, art and rare art books from the 20th century. They approached Hold after seeing the identity and website commissioned by Lawrence Alkin Gallery. Their online gallery, Roe & Moore, required a brand appraisal and new responsive e-commerce website.

The identity design process was a mixture of reference to the existing logo and looking ahead to future applications. We used a modernist font with a contemporary colour palette. This reassured the client that the new logo was still anchored to their history, but was flexible enough to last.

Having designed and developed a number of gallery websites we were perfectly placed to craft a website that would be appealing to their current customers but also attractive to new ones. We approached the website mobile up, retaining simplicity and white space, allowing the typography to be crisp and the images to shine.

We approached Hold having seen their work in our sector. They produced amazing results from 1st draft to sign off. We were listened to and Hold were able to deliver the perfect logo and website to take our company forward. We can't recommend them highly enough.

Anthony Roe and Deana Moore