Kate Ballis' Infra Realism

Australian photographer Kate Ballis has toured Palm Springs with an infrared camera and coloured filters to produce these images, which show the muted desert city in lucid purple, pink and red tones. Melbourne-based Ballis created the Infra Realism series to offer alternative views of Palm Springs' famed mid-20th century architecture, having captured its vistas many times previous. The series includes the iconic Kaufmann House by Richard Neutra. The photographer bought a new digital Sony device and sent it off to be converted into a full-spectrum camera. This was able to capture infrared, or heat, radiation rather than visible light. Ballis then added coloured filters over the lens, resulting in a set of surreal images featuring pink and purple buildings, blue shrubbery and red skies.The photographer, who also documented the city's motels and apartment blocks, said that the infrared filter enabled her to pick up on details that she would otherwise miss. The abundance of the vegetation in the desert city was a particularly surprising element. The architecture of Palm Springs is a popular subject of photographers, who have put various spins on the city through their images.