Rio Olympic Cultural Legacy

What will happen to all of Rio's Olympic Stadia after the games have gone?

Can Rio de Janeiro draw on the Cultural revolution that continues to grow in and around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park from 2012? We have all seen the images of disused Athletics tracks and Stadia once previously home to epic Olympic events, such as Athens 2004 (see pic). Its such a sad thing to see, as the amount of money it takes to hold these games can cripple a country if not used properly. 

In London the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park continues to buzz with Art, Culture, Creativity and Festivals. So I asked myself, does Rio de Janeiro have a legacy in place and does that involve culture?

It certainly looks that way, which is great news. But I have this doubt in my mind and I will only beleive it when I see it. I really hope it will give the people of Rio the chance to shine creatively long after the games have finished. It would show the future Olympic venues that the money invested will pay off and not be wasted. A positive story for a city where jobs are generated post Olympics and Para-Olympics is a must especially where poverty is an issue. 

Lets hope in four years from now we are hearing lots more about the Rio creative scene.

Photo: Athens 2004 Olympic Aquatic Centre, The Guardian.