Doing Some Good

There is always a sense of pride when one of our works get published either on or offline. We have done so for many years, it must mean we still love what we do. Of late we have been working not only for Charities, but also the Arts Education sector as well. We thought our pride was at its peak before, but working in this sector has added a new dimension.

This is likely due to the path of our own education in art and design and pour love of music over the years. To be able to engage with young aspiring artists, musicians and designers is truly magical. I hope they see the work we create and it inspires them to pursue their goals.

With all the negativity that surrounds us everyday in the media its important to take a minute and do some good. If you ever get the chance to do something for someone else for free (or very much reduced fee) trust me, you should as it feels really good.