World Book Day

FHK a book we bought from Unit Editions after a talk in Shoreditch last year which included a part about FHK Henrion. The German born designer who worked in Britain from the mid 30’s hitting his peak in the 60’s. This book epitomises our ethos. Henrion designed brilliantly across many sectors and many disciplines. Corporate identities, illustration, packaging, advertising he was very capable at all of them and more. You cannot deny, good design is good design. These days small design agencies are being told, you have to specialise in one thing to be successful. That may well be the case for the majority, but here at Hold we believe our skills do cross sectors. So this book has a special meaning to us and we refer to it regularly.

Another book is Pictures on a Page. This is a book about photo-journalism, graphics and picture editing. A book full of stunning and often prize winning black & white photographs of historical moments in time. Sports, Wars, Politics, and Fashion are among the subjects. With Ali, Oswald, Einstein, Monroe and Nixon among the stellar names who star throughout the book. The list of photographers is unreal as well. Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa among them. There are hints and tips win composition and timing, its simply a wonderful book that inspires and fascinates every time you open it.