Smashing the Creative Block

5 Top tips we use for breaking down the creative wall  

As designers we have all got to a point on a project where the creative block hits us like a wall. Often due to deadlines we try to push on through and trust that we will get to the correct conclusion.

This is not the best way to work as a break from the screen is what you need for fresh impetus.

Here are our top 5 tips to quickly smash down the wall and breathe new life into your work.


1. Fresh Air - get outside and walk around for 15 minutes and look up, not down.

2. Perspective - Talk to someone about the goal and your struggles, either in the office or better still out of the office. And often better still is to talk to someone who is not involved in design at all. 

3. Change the path - Your end result will need to answer the brief, but how you get there is up to you. Change media, software, references all of these will help you question the brief and take an alternative path.

4. Music - Switch it up from Classical to Techno to get the blood pumping and re-energise your thoughts.  

5. Clean slate - Most will likely do this already as the beginning part of the process. Go back and turn to a clean page and start again.


All of these work for us and refresh our creativity when the moment arises.