Day Tripping

The rigmarole of going to work, taking the same footsteps before crossing the threshold can lead to stale and stagnant behaviour. I cannot stress how important it is to get out and see creations in the flesh. Be it an art exhibition or an amazing building, the effect this input can have on your own creativity is immeasurable. Yes, you can look at all kinds of creativity through Google, but nothing beats seeing originals with your own eyes. 

Here are some of our favourite day trips.

Ditchling Museum of Art and Craft
Quite close to us here in Brighton, this striking building is nestled in the small village of Ditchling and
well worth a visit. The team are always so friendly and they have regular events on throughout the year.

De La Warr Pavillion - staircase
Most people are drawn to photograph the outside of this building, but its the staircase that gets me
everytime. With a great cafe/restaurant its always a good part to your day out.

Design Museum
Get a vistit to this iconic building wihile you can as the Design Museum is moving to Kensington in 2016. The Shad Thames site closes 30th June 2016. Many good memeories of going there, from art college days onwards.

Photo Credit: Stuart Langridge - Hold