Child friendly art

Now that the summer holidays are in full swing, many parents will be planning a visit to such inspirational places as the local museum or a show at one of the many excellent art galleries that dot our towns and cities. 

Contrary to what British artist Jake Chapman has said about taking children to art galleries being a total waste of time, we prefer to side with Turner prize-winner Anthony Gormley. Gormley, who politely describes Chapman as an 'agent provocateur', told The Times 'Art is not to be decoded. It is to be felt. Feeling comes before understanding.' Which we think is just about right when you're talking about a kid viewing art of any kind. They see it, they may like it or quickly dismiss it - but there's nothing to stop them experiencing it and maybe even enjoying it.

If you're stuck for ideas of what to go and see we recommend the current Matisse exhibition, which is showing at Tate Modern until 7 September, as a wonderful introduction into the world of art for your budding critic. The exhibition represents a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see so many of the artist’s works in one place and discover Matisse’s final artistic triumph. Free entry for children under 12 years old.